Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Moses and the Pharaoh

Monday night we celebrated Passover with a beautiful seder at Josh's aunt and uncle's house. I've been attending this seder for 14 years, since Josh and I were just dating. It's evolved from a quite civilized, mostly adult affair, into a raucous celebration full of the children we've all spawned over the years. A new tradition, and one of my favorites, is the kids' play about Moses's liberating of the Jews from Egypt.

This year, Dash got to be Moses & his beloved cousin, Sky, was the evil Pharaoh.

Moses & the Pharoh
Before shit got real.

Let my people go!
Let my people go! No!

And God sent darkness...
There were many plagues--plastic frogs fell from the sky, Styrofoam hail pelted the Egyptians, kids wearing cow masks succumbed to cattle disease. But I think their interpretation of the darkness that descended upon Egypt was my fave.

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