Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Ho lordy it's been a full few weeks in the Engel abode. Here's a recap of our month of March.

Dream Team
Dash's basketball team finished their season with an impressive win record. Even though we don't keep score (we totally keep score.)

We threw them a pizza party to celebrate.

I attempted to make basketball cupcakes. 

Come. On.
There were trophies.

While the majority of America is still under blankets of snow, here in SoCal it's flip flop weather. I've been celebrating by making ice cream. So far I've made Coffee & Doughnut (10/10), Semi-Sweet Chocolate & Stout (8/10 because beer ice cream is weird, no matter how tasty) and Vanilla Bean with a side of raspberry sauce (11/10 according to Dash who ate an entire pint in the bathtub before I realized what was happening).

Since I was already dicking around with fats and sugars, I decided to make some cookie bars, too. These are obscene. I used a recipe from Joy the Baker, but I substituted Nutella for her cherry preserves. Because I'm an American.

So after all the ice cream and cookies, Josh sent me a clear message by signing us up for a 5k. It was seriously the most miserable, slowest 5k I've ever run. There were a couple of hills so steep that, nevermind run them, I could hardly climb them at all. But, it was for a good cause, so fine. 

This weekend, Dash and I dyed some eggs. Tonight I'm going to make some egg salad BLTs with them. Fuck yeah I am.

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