Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Tri Tri

Check it, the old man found two additional lunatics to do a triathlon with him!

Here's the brand-spanking-new 40-year-old. (They write your age on your calf. Mostly so that when I'm sitting at the sidelines eating Girl Scout cookies and watching 68-year-old men run past me I can feel extra ashamed).

Here's lunatic number two, Doug Odom. (Hey, here's a funny story! When we found our new house & were driving away after signing all the paperwork, we realized that our great-good-friends the Odoms lived just a block away! Now we're neighbors! It's awesome.) Anyway, this was Doug's first triathlon & he finished in 1 hour, 29 minutes. So Josh is no longer speaking to him. I kid, I kid.

And, finally, lunatic number three, Cathy. Cathy is the mother of one of my top 10 favorite humans, Ava. Ava is 5 going on 27. She is made entirely of awesome (as is her mom, of course).

Anyways, y'all know the drill. There was some of this (Josh is the hot one in the white cap).

Some of this. (That's Josh's new bike, Pettzetina, that he got for Christmas for being a good boy all year long. Isn't she purty?)

And some of this. Ugh, my lungs ache just thinking about it.

The kids made signs to root on the athletes. (Dash's pet name for Josh is Zaza. I know.)

Here they are all together. The two on the left are Doug & Lisa's kids, Colin & Maddie. I die. The one on the right is their niece. Right?

Here he is after crossing the finish. I kid, but seriously, I couldn't be prouder of Josh. I can't even imagine what it must be like to do this THREE TIMES!

And, because running this particular triathlon seems to be turning into a tradition, we all had dinner again at the Hog's Breath, to celebrate the athletes & Josh's birthday. Did I mention he's FORTY?

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jengel said...

You're gonna be a 5K nutjob pretty soon!