Monday, March 14, 2011


Really, Josh? When you're married to Liz Engel, the world's most enthusiastic party-thrower, you thought all you'd get for your 40th was a fist bump and a steak dinner?

Well fuck that noise.

What he got for his massive accomplishment of surviving--intact--40 years, was a bangin' surprise party at The Stand. All of our very best friends and their kids came out, hid in the bushes and scared the ever-loving shit out of sweet Josh when they jumped out, yelling "surprise!" And then we all raised a dog in his honor, because he deserves it. Because he is made of awesome. Because he is one of the greatest husbands, fathers, humans to walk the Earth.

Here are the only four pics taken that night (all swiped from friends' Facebooks & cell phones. Because I can throw a surprise party for 30 without spilling the beans, but I can't remember to take out the camera even one time at said party.)

Josh & his oldest friends, known since middle school.

Us. (Oh, did I mention that earlier in the day we got all tatted up? Deets tomorrow).

Here he's either blowing out his candles or moving in to kiss Doug. Either scenario is perfectly reasonable.

I love how surprised he looks here. Like, "Tattoo!? Who? Me?!"

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