Monday, July 06, 2015

Knitter with Attitude

This knitting thing is the jam. We recently went to visit Dash's Grandma Sonja, Uncle Doron & Aunt Cheryl in Santa Rosa/Sebastopol, and I wanted to make gifts to thanks for them for putting up with our lazy, unhelpful asses for three days.

Grandma moved to wine country, so when I found this pattern for a wrap called Grapevine, I knew it was kismet.
Pattern here.
For Aunt Cheryl I wanted something  more clean and modern to match her aesthetic.
I added the tassels and evil eye beads because there isn't a lily I won't gild.
Age of Brass and Steam pattern  here.
Uncle Doron is a die hard Giants fan, so Josh came up with the idea to knit him a hat in Giants colors. He even helped me pick out the perfect shade of orange, which was a pretty selfless act of love, considering how deeply Josh hates the Giants.
Action shot! (I had to call Josh to get permission to buy Dash that hat).
Also! I knitted this fox who is very cute but Jiminy Christmas, knitting dolls is a giant pain in the ass. He was supposed to be a gift but Dash took immediate possession.

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