Monday, August 24, 2015

Summer Part 2, the Second One

God, as the child grows bigger and the days seem (get? right? get.) shorter, it becomes more and more difficult for me to find the time and energy to document our days. I think big batches of pictures are going to have to do the job for the time being.

When we left you last we had just enjoyed a lovely July 4th with our most beloved friends. After that there was some beach camping, some birthday-celebrating (mine!) and some Vegas vacationing. I have photographic evidence:

Dash worked on his boogie board skills at the beach.
Why is he wearing a t-shirt?
This is so funny to me. What the fuck are they doing that requires that level of focus?
Eating hobo packs.
Ghost stories

Boo, motherfuckers.
The next morning we went on a nature walk and Dash found this little crab claw.
Then we found and incorrectly reassembled the rest of it. We were hoping it would reanimate, but no. I'm pretty sure most of those pieces are rotting away somewhere in Dash's room now.
At some point I decided I was a nature photographer.
After we got back from camping it was my birthday & I got to revel in gifts and love from my boys. LOOK! BOOKS! I'm half way through the top one--Shades of Grey--and it so so incredibly awesome. A little confusing, but the kind of confusion that you can unpick, like a knot. So satisfying.
My birthday card from my sweet baby.
Weirdly specific & baseball-themed card, but I takes what I can gets.
Then we went to Vegas to celebrate & relax with our beloved Babkes!
Vegas is different when you have kids.
Dash couldn't go to any casinos, but was still able to create a pretty sizable gambling addiction for himself at the arcade. Ticket lust is no joke.
Birthday dinner at Caesar's Palace with our beloved Babkes. I was sitting on the kids side, natch.
When it's your birthday you can force your kid to take a shitty selfie with you.
I will find a way to display this at her wedding, mark my words.

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