Tuesday, November 14, 2006


So, every Monday or Wednesday or Tuesday, who the hell knows, Dash's school has "music & movement" (should it be capitalized? is it a Thing? with a proper Name? again, who the hell knows). From what I can gather, someone comes in and plays a little guitar and the babies all shake rattles and "sing" and wiggle around. Cutest thing ever, right? Apparently, Dash lurves music & movement. So much that they can't pry the rattles away from him once it's over. I've never seen him take to any rattle-y or song-y thing at home, but I do know that the boy loves to wiggle.

Anyway, we decided that we should try Gymboree. They have singing and wiggling and the Extra! Added! Bonus! of mats and tumbly things that he can crawl all over and through and on top of.

I am happy to report that the little man has not inherited any of his parents' timidity. He barreled in there like he owned the joint. Crawled at lightning speed to whatever he thought was interesting (which was mostly some other baby's dad and a poor kid named Rodrigo who sat there minding his own business while Dash smacked him about the head). He bounced and climbed and spun and wiggled. And when it was time to sit in a circle and blow bubbles and clap and be dragged around on the parachute (you had to be there) he laughed like he was seeing Eddie Murphy's Delirious for the first time.

So, Gymboree, hearty thumbs up. See you next week.

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