Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Well, that sucked

So, our first Halloween with the baby in the new suburban, family-friendly neighborhood. We decorated. Oh how we decorated.

The entire front of the house is still covered in stinky, synthetic cobwebs.

There are 50 ghosts hanging in our trees.

We have witch feet sticking out from under a boulder.

We have windows splattered with gore and dead rodents lolling around.

We have a caged skull on the mantle and black candles in the candlesticks.

We have a welcome mat that cackles when trod upon. We have a motion-activated, lighted rock that screams for people to turn back! Stay Away! We even have the equipment to turn the baby into a chicken (see below).

And then Josh started throwing up. And then I started throwing up. And then Dash's school called to say that he had a fever of 101 and we could expect him to start throwing up any minute. Yeah, stomach flu on Halloween. Awesome.

So, instead of the world's cutest chicken-baby (again, see below), our trick-or-treaters were greeted with a bucket of candy on a chair and this:


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