Thursday, February 01, 2007

Craft You Like a Hurricane

You understand that I used to work nights at Al's Bar to make extra money while I was a publisher at an Eastside rag called Glue. I was there the night the White Stripes played to less than 100 people. I hung out with Bad Religion when they filmed their video there. Before that I worked in fashion. One night I got drunk with Marc Jacobs and his boyfriend at the Whiskey Bar at the Sunset Marquis. I used to take calls from members of Marylin Manson at all hours of the night (I don't recommend it). I was on the list almost everywhere almost every night.

This is how I amuse myself these days (click pictures to embiggen):

These are his birthday party invitations. I bought little cardboard jewelry boxes from Michael's, stuffed them with some dried grassy stuff and placed toy farm animals inside. I printed the actual invitations onto typing paper & stuck them to the lids with double-sided tape. Then I stamped "Hoedown" onto the top with alphabet stamps and voila!

The favors I made for the party (really, I promise that I will stop talking about the party soon). I bought little portrait boxes from Oriental Trading Co. and inserted scrapbooking cardstock that I stamped with "One" ('cause that's how many years he is). I filled them with mini candy bars wrapped with paper onto which I printed farm scenes & little sayings about babies. They were really, really cute, dude.

These are the Valentines he's giving out this year. Again, they're candy bars (this time the giant Hershey's) that I wrapped with scrapbooking paper and vintage Valentines images I printed onto label stock. (I have to admit I got this idea from a craft blogger). But the tags were all me: I Photoshopped Dash making a kissy face into a heart shape, cut them out & slapped them onto old-fashioned tags.

I'm having way more fun now.


reluctant housewife said...

I absolutely love these ideas! Too bad my son's second birthday is on Monday and I'm too sick to get a fabulous party together.

Sooooo Cuuuuute! Ack! IT kills me!

(Also, completely agree on how much more fun it is to have a real life - even when hanging out in bars was pretty cool. Pssst - I once went to Madonna's New Year's Party. Ok, that was fun too)

Anonymous said...
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