Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Baby's gone. Replaced by a toddler.

Josh called this morning after the daycare hand-off to say that Dash is scheduled to transition out of the infant room into the toddler room starting on Monday.

I can't say why I dissolve into tears every time I think about him moving up. I mean, it's the only thing you want as a parent, to see your child grow and flourish and hit milestones. And, too, I enjoy him so much more at this stage than I did when he was a teensy infant. He laughs and is starting to talk and have opinions. He holds his arms in the air when he wants to be in our arms (which is always), he has figured out how to use the mallet on the xylophone, he knows now to push the lit button on Baby Tad to hear a song. All things I enjoy deliriously and that only come with toddlerhood.

And yet, and yet, I mourn. Baby's gone. Replaced by a toddler.

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