Wednesday, March 07, 2007

For the Record

Yesterday, March 6, 2007 at 6:30pm, Dash ate two (2) pieces of broccoli, one (1) piece of baby corn and a scrambled egg. It is the first non-macaroni-and-cheese food he has eaten in, like, a month.

Now that I have written it down I fully expect he will never eat another vegetable for as long as he lives.

Which is why I'm not talking about the sleeping through the night thing.

(Hey, is baby corn just regular corn to a baby?)

UPDATE 3/8/07:

Last night at 1:45 am Dash decided to punish us for telling the Internet that he's been sleeping through the night. Statement retracted.


Josh said...

At least now I know why I was up with Dash at 1:45 in the morning....

The fight we're in is bigger than mansie's capacity for ingesting fruit!

Josh said...

Huh ... that's funny. I don't remember him punishing "us." I seem to recall it was just babydaddy ... oh no I didin'!!!!

Liz said...

baby, every moment you're not in our marital bed is punishment for me