Tuesday, August 28, 2007

25 Days, 5

I have been obsessed with the idea of an honest-to-goodness family vacation since before I even became pregnant. The whole packing up the wagon and playing I Spy and stopping at truckstop diners appeals to every part of me as a parent and as a human. So, despite some pretty serious terror about TWO WHOLE NIGHTS AWAY FROM HOME WITH A ONE-YEAR-OLD, we're pulling the trigger on our first family vacation to a small town a few hours north of us.

But almost more importantly, I get to make a list. I love lists the way only a fellow-compulsive can understand. I've been (and I should be ashamed but I'm not) Googling "family+vacation+packing+checklists" for ideas about making a better list. When I have a spare moment at the office I daydream about how I will group Dash's toys, and which bags will go in the trunk vs. up front with me. I have written out a separate list of what snacks we'll pack in the cooler.

We don't leave for Cambria until Saturday morning, but my vacation started a week ago, when I started making lists.

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