Saturday, November 15, 2008


One of the many remarkable things about this (just) past election was the way art played such a huge role. Obama's campaign inspired so many incredibly talented people to create work that inspired us, too. Now it looks like the fight over Prop 8 will (pray God) benefit from some of that same talent pool.

Remember this amazing poster? It was created by the tremendously talented Aaron Harvey. After 8 passed, Aaron went to work on his next version of the iconic image here:

Well, then Shepard Fairey, the man who created probably the most famous image from the Obama campaign, took some inspiration from Aaron's work and created this:

It's a scary time now. The economy is in crisis. We're all holding our breath, waiting for the inauguration of the man we all believe will lead us away from the humiliation our country has mired itself in. And millions of Californians voted to take away the right to marry from their gay & lesbian friends and neighbors. But from all this hot, scary mess some beauty and strength is emerging from our artists. They are inspiring each other. And they are inspiring us. To do our civic duty. To think about equal rights. To hope that we can make it right again.

It not just art for art's sake. It's art for our sake.

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