Saturday, November 01, 2008

Last Halloween Post 2008!

We didn't have the most auspicious start to our Halloween. We were running a bit late for Dash's parade at school, so when we walked in Dash was descended upon by every single kid in his class. He was, astoundingly, the only Batman that day and the kids were pretty thrilled.

But Dash is not so great with attention. He clamped onto Josh's leg and didn't let go. I had to carry him through the parade which was totally not embarrassing at all.

Once the parade was finished and all the kids (except Dash, who refused) changed out of their costumes, he was fine. He rode his little tricycle around while dressed as Batman and that was really pretty cute.

We had to leave before the party because we'd noticed an increasingly pronounced limp on Dash & got a last minute appointment with the doctor. Nothing showed up on the x-ray & the doctor couldn't find a sprain, so who knows. He's better today.

Around 5pm, Aunty arrived and we had our traditional dinner of guts and worms (spaghetti in meat sauce that I made in the crock pot for the first time this year and Oh. My. God.) and vampire-killers (garlic knots).

And then we were off. He started out timid and pretty freaked out by the whole thing, but by the end he was psyched and didn't want to stop.

Jamie and I poured big glasses of wine and walked through the neighborhood with them because we're classy.

We ran into the world's-cutest-neighbor-girls who love Dash with a fierce heat. Dash looks stoned in this picture but I think he's just drowsy from all the love.

Now it's 5pm on November 1st. All the decorations inside & out are down & packed up in the garage. And now we start the countdown to Thanksgiving.


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