Friday, November 14, 2008


Well hello friends! It may seem like I've been up to nothing these past 10 days, but it's not true! I have been incredibly industrious! Just not about posting! Ahem.

Here's a little of what I've been up to (I can't show much because mostly I've been making gifts! For Christmas! Have I mentioned how much I love the holidays!?)


I took the Thanksgiving decorating down a notch from last year, but I did want a cornucopia.

Featuring my favorite little corn husk couple.


Josh spent the better part of last Sunday on the roof cutting tree limbs away from the house. Would you like to know why? Because something that sounded approximately the size of a cat had taken up residence in our attic and spent every evening for a week scratching at the insulation. Josh waited until he was fairly certain it had left for an afternoon of hunting or mating or whatever and quickly got to work removing anything that might serve as a boarding ramp to our roof. It hasn't been back. And I had a ton of branches to choose from for our gratitude tree.

We keep it (along with my Limoges La Coupole ashtray full of blank cards & a pen) by the front door. We ask guests to fill out one or two with whatever they're grateful for that day. Dash has so far been thankful for "goodies in my mouth" and Batman.


Also, I have been sewing my ASS off. If I know you in real life & you have kids you can expect to see one of these in person in few weeks.

These are inspired by the pencil rolls featured in the wonderful Creative Family by Amanda "Soule Mama" Soule.

I made girl ones and boy ones and I love them. Dash finds them less than useless. Of course.


I bought this for Dash for Christmas. But then Josh gently explained to me that 2 year olds aren't really into art, so maybe it was more for me than him and I could go ahead & hang it. Either way, this kills me. For $18, James Spicer, whose work I have been drooling over for months, will spell whatever name you choose in alphabet soup & photograph it. Seriously, it KILLS me.


And finally, look at this oven. I am pretty close to having Thanksgiving catered because the thought of marring its spotlessness makes me inconsolable. Really, you could lick it.

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Anonymous said...

Ok, tell the truth. You bought a brand new oven, right? That's just impossibly clean.
And you know I love that soup art idea. I want it!