Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Gone Like Smoke

There are so many things about being Dash's mother that are amazing and beautiful and I always think I'll never forget. But I do forget. He'll do something twice and I'll think, "Oh, that's something he does and it's so lovely." But then he'll never do it again and so I'll forget.

Here are some things I want to make sure to remember.

* When he's in trouble (which is pretty often, lately) he'll say to me, "I'm not your friend, Mommy!." And I'll say, "That's ok, Dashy. I'll always be your friend anyway." And then he'll come running over and clamp onto my leg and squeeze with everything he has.

* He used to wake up in the mornings and scream bloody murder until one of us went in and got him out of bed. Until one day Josh showed him the monitor and explained that we could hear him even if he didn't scream. So now he wakes up singing, "Maaaamaaaa, Daaadaaaa."

* Somehow he decided that his new pretend name was Peace. Daddy was Crease & I was Shmeese. And now, whenever he hears someone talk about peace, or he makes a peace sign, he'll declare, "that's me! I'm Peace!" Of course he doesn't understand how incredibly beautiful the thing he's saying is. But he's making a connection in his mind between himself and that word, that concept.

* When he's feeling really lovey and content he'll curl up on the couch and call me over to lie down with him. "This is cozy, Mama." He'll say. "This is very comfortable and cozy."