Friday, January 02, 2009

A New Year

Our Year

I've been mulling my ass off about what I want to say about the close of 2008 and the promise of 2009. And I got nothin' much.

2008 was a hard, scary year, but also the year that I finally started to feel like myself again for the first time since getting pregnant. It was the year of small goals, mostly met. It was the year of learning to live with my limitations as a wife and a mother. It was the year of laughing a lot and keeping the home fires burning.

Despite everything--the war and the terrifying run-up to the election and Prop 8 and the economy--I think I will look back fondly on this year. It was a hard year, but, I think, in the same way that climbing Everest is hard. We made it to the top and it didn't kill us and now we can focus on the achievement of it and not the terror along the way.

But I'm ready to say goodbye to 2008 and open my arms to the hope and possibility of 2009. I will do everything I know how to help it fulfill its promise to our family and to yours.

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