Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mr. Hulk's Residence

"The Hulk House." The red is a secret note for Spiderman to keep out. The green thing on the left is a portrait of the Hulk. The black is his hair & the pointy things are his teeth.

Dash is deeply entrenched in the "why?" phase right now. He is asking about stuff that happened months ago and about books we read weeks ago. While we were driving into Malibu over the weekend he started asking about Spiderman's relationship with the Incredible Hulk.

You see, a few weeks ago we bought a kid-centric comic book where Spiderman accidentally stumbled into the Hulk's cave and the Hulk got PISSED. "Why aren't Spiderman & the Hulk friends, Mommy?" "Isn't the Hulk a good guy?" "Why was he so mad, Mommy?"

Well. As you may have gathered by now, I am neither mentally nor emotionally equipped to provide insight into the psyches of superheroes. But I did my best. I told him it was because Spiderman went into the Hulk's home without an invitation or permission. I explained that he didn't do it on purpose, it was just that the Hulk didn't have a sign on his cave door telling people that he lived there. So, unlike our house, where it is obvious that people live there and strangers wouldn't just wander in, it's possible to mistake the Hulk's house for an ordinary cave and take cover there for a night or two.

So what do you think he did? He made a sign for Hulk to hang in front of his door. So people wouldn't just intrude.

He was a little nervous that the Hulk would break our house if we left it inside for him, so we hung it on the front door. Hulk will swing by later, under the cover of night, to pick it up. I think he'll probably leave a thank you note for Dash's thoughtfulness.

Awaiting the Hulk.


Carrie Greason said...

I love this. How thoughtful of him. Don't they surprise you sometimes with the little things they think of.

my favorite and my best said...

so many things...
first of all your dash is so delicious that he needs to be eaten immediately.
second, the art is precious. i have a 4 year old with similar ideas about hair, teeth and obtuse looking red dots in pictures.
third, you are killing me with movie night. it is far too hot and heavy here at night for any outdoor activities. the mosquitoes would eat you if you didn't melt first. but oh how i wish i lived on your block!!! you are awesome with your "have fun storming the castle" banners. you win...best mom ever!