Thursday, September 24, 2009


And then I was all, "Ooh, should I make some more dolls? With matching twirly skirts? Okay!"

I've made the Princess & the Pea doll set before, but I changed up the pattern a wee bit to accommodate a little twirly skirt for the doll (to match the one I made for the wee recipient). I used the free Black Apple pattern from Martha again, but narrowed the torso so it was less a trapezoid & more a rectangle (thanks, geometry class that I had to take twice!).

I used the Heather Ross fabric that I have been DYING over but couldn't justify buying until this project. The human-sized twirly skirt pattern was free from oliver + s here.

The motivation for this whole project came from hearing that my new favorite four-year-old loved Ariel. I wanted to make her a mermaid, so I drew up a mermaid tail prosthesis--lined with muslin for stability, and secured with elastic at the waist. It was fairly simple to put together & I'll be happy to scan the pattern if anyone wants it.

Because Ariel swaps out her tail for legs in the story, I made her a skirt, too. And, so she doesn't forget her roots, I made her a shell necklace by filling the shell with epoxy & setting the ribbon in it.

And, of course, another human-sized matching twirly skirt. (Also all Heather Ross fabric.)


Anonymous said...

PLEASE tell me how to make these, they are so sweet!

Dame Keyz said...

My little one would love your dolls. She is into princesses. I would love a not so commercialized doll. Those dolls are so adorable!

Jennifer said...

OMG. Dying from all the cute. The mermaid!!!

Brynn P. said...

I want the PATTERN!!! PLEASE. That's about the cutest doll i've ever seen.How can I get the pattern? You said something about "happy to scan for you". Does that include me?

cactuspixie said...

I so want to make this...could I please, pretty, please have the pattern>?