Sunday, April 04, 2010


We don't celebrate Easter the way Christian families do, obviously. But we do celebrate in our own way. We take the day to honor the Earth's return to light and abundance from the cold, bleak days of Winter.

Dash woke us early this morning to hunt eggs in the back yard. Is there any sweeter symbol for the promise of Spring than an egg filled with treats?

bird house
We painted a new birdhouse for our feathered friends. I've been pining for a mama bird to make her nest in one of our bird houses like she did last year.

And then. And then. (I can't even say it without getting choked up.) Josh made pancakes. From scratch. The most fluffy, flavorful, perfectly golden pancakes the world has even known.

spoon nose
Dash learned a new trick (Josh helped with sound effects and hand gestures).

Dash has never been eager to help (I read all these articles about how kids love to be involved! love to help out and feel like they're contributing! Who are these children? I have never seen one in person), but today I offered to let him "shave" carrots and he was all about it. Clearly, the trick is to involve an element of danger.

choc bunny
And because, despite everything, we are still Americans, we courted diabeetus. Courted it hard.

Tonight we're packing up an Easter ham and some lemony carrots & asparagus and heading over to see our newest baby friend, Miss Viola June (and her parents, and some more beloved friends, but let's be honest--it's mainly about the baby). Seems right to welcome this new season of promise with some baby toes, doesn't it?


Kevin said...

love the spoon pic! cutest pajamas ever. :)

Anonymous said...

By the way, I've taken to telling people that I'm courting diabeetus, courting it hard. FUNNY.

vincent said...

You have the most awesome family ever!