Sunday, April 25, 2010


Well. I got a new sewing machine for Mother's Day (which is still two weeks away but my husband indulges me).

Old & busted
New hotness

And it has been like a sweatshop up in here. I made the Union Jack pillows for Aunty & for the shop. Then I made one for my mom for Mother's Day (we are all Anglophiles on my side of the family). Then, because Josh's mom is not an Anglophile but does collect Elephants, I made this:


Here they are together. Cheerful little fuckers, no?


And, because they're ostensibly from us & Dash, we had him write little notes for the Grandmas.


Now, a normal person would have just had the kid write a note on fabric with a fabric marker & be done. That's not how we roll here in Crazytown. We had Dash write the notes on paper, then scanned them into the computer, resized them & printed them onto printable fabric. Then I sewed them onto the pillows like labels.


Also, I made a quilt for Josh & me. Finally. I have made a total of eight quilts since I started sewing, and this is the first one we get to keep.


I haven't actually completed the quilting part yet because I can't decide what to do. Get rid of the white border & hand quilt it? Keep the white border & stitch in the ditch? Send it out (unlikely)? Anyway, we used it for the first time last night and it was pretty great.

Look, Win likes it!


Also, Aunty was all, "hey, could you whip me up some potholders?" And I was all "Sure!"


I used this pattern & tutorial (thank you, Cindy!) and it was very clear and awesome, but I'm adding oven mitts to my list of shit not worth making (along with brownies from scratch and deodorant).


Katie said...

Oh my GAWSH. Gorgeousness! What a fresh take on the union jack! And the elephant! Aaaaah! Beautiful. And those quilts?! You're making me wear out my exclamation point key!!! Love love love!!!

Liz said...

Oh, Katie, thank you! That is quite an honor coming from someone with your talent!