Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Here's a long story with no pay off. You're welcome.

Josh's dad is actually his step dad. He raised Josh from the age of five and eventually adopted him, but he's not his biological father and so Josh doesn't share his last name (Olson). Since Josh is his dad's only son and we wanted to make sure that Dash would carry the Olson name, we made it his middle name. We want to instill in Dash the importance of moving that name forward through his own kids, too.

OK. Olson, as you may be aware, is not so much a Jewish last name. He's actually descended from Norsemen and, we like to imagine, Vikings. I'm sure you understand the ferocity with which Dash has embraced his Viking heritage. It is just another reason (along with the convertible MG & law enforcement past) for Dash to idolize his Grandpa.

And so, in homage to my Olson men, I made this:

viking 001
I was deeply inspired by the work of Sandra Monat.

viking 003
Here's our Viking. I call him Ginger.

viking 005
The dragon is made from peacock feather fabric (the closest thing to a real dragon I can imagine). The ships are from wood grain fabric I had left over from the pirate peg leg doll I made for Dash (but never posted). The "ocean" is giant ric rac with a decorative stitch over the top. It's kind of a mess, but you know, it's how I do.


jengel said...

Other than the child, I think this is my favorite thing you've ever made. These pictures don't even do it justice. This should be the standard by which all other Viking pillows are measured!

Angel said...

Definitely a fierce pillow worthy of the Olson name! I love that you carry the name on. Families are made by spirit not by blood in my opinion.

Kristy said...

I love the pillow, its so creative. I also love the vikings name - Ginger !

Cindy said...

I love the dragon.

katie said...

now that's a pillow with personality! I love it!

Made by Mariko said...

Those pillows are so cute and thoughtful! My dad is Swedish so I especially love this post!

But mostly, I love the posts when you swear. : ) lol!