Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Perfect Record

You'll never guess what we did!

Oh, did you guess we went to yet another Angels baseball game and watched them whoop some Dodger ass? Then never mind. You'll totally be able to guess.

This time we switched things up a little and invited Aunty's fiance (!), Tio Erick, to join us. The Angels were playing game three in their series against the Dodgers, and Erick is a lifelong Dodgers fan, so...

Angels v Dodgers
Angels Fan v. Dodgers Fan! (is it cute or weird that I made them them play out these little skits for my amusement?)

Angels v Dodgers
Tori Hunter hits a homer

Angels v Dodgers
7th Inning Stretch

Angels v Dodgers
Angels win! Dash's record remains intact!

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