Thursday, June 24, 2010


We got a new slipcover for our couch! It's white! Because I'm insane! I call it the Deathwish Couch!

Anywayzz, as any nutbag homemaker knows, a new couch requires new cushions because what kind of animal would leave grimy old cushions on a sparkling new couch? Not the kind that lives in my house (well, probably every other being who lives in my house would have been perfectly content with the old cushions, but because I am the keeper of the sewing machine I get to decide. I'm the decider.) Is this post starting to sound a little manic?

Oh! Hello you little bit of gorgeous softness and light! I crocheted you from wool and you are my very first granny square pillow. I think you might be my very favorite thing.

Although I may have to have a little torrid affair with you. I'm drawn to your morbid humor and sense of color. I mean, it probably won't last, but we could have a fun Summer, couldn't we?

Pirate face!


(Okay, not total fin. I want to note here that we have an Ikea Ekeskog couch that has been discontinued. I didn't want to pay to have a custom slipcover made, so we rolled the dice on a Hovas cover. It's a wee bit loose, but I'm 99% sure it'll shrink up a bit in the wash. I like it looking kinda rumply, anyway. So if you are in our same Ekeskog boat, give the Hovas cover a try. Servicy, yo!)

Okay, now:


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