Tuesday, July 06, 2010

America! Fuck Yeah!

I know you'll never believe this, but we threw a party for the 4th of July! I know!

4th of Jew Lie 018
Our first order of business was to get some bunting done. I cut up some burlap I had taking up space in my fabric basket & asked the fellas to stamp it with some homemade stars (cut up kitchen sponges--resourceful, yo).

4th of Jew Lie 016
Then we got all kooky with the red paper lanterns.

4th of Jew Lie 019

4th of Jew Lie 010
I don't even know what to say about these. Once I had the vision of the kids wearing them, I was physically unable to resist making them. I made these from little wooden discs from the craft store, some funny sayings on a red & white background I made in Word (high-tech!) and printed onto typing paper, and a grosgrain ribbon glued onto the back.

4th of Jew Lie 013
I also just glued on the pinbacks, and then covered the ugly splotch of glue with a piece of adhesive-backed felt. Because 4-year-olds are totes hung up on those kinds of details.

4th of Jew Lie 012
I enjoy my own sense of humor.

4th of Jew Lie 011
Probably more than is justified.

4th of Jew Lie 008
Yup. Sparkly wands (Wooden stars glued onto dowels, decorated with foam stickers & red, white & blue ribbons. Also, bells. I should just stop talking now.)

4th of Jew Lie 024
Except I can't. Because: TUTUS! COME ON! Each little girl got one to wear at the party & take home.

4th of Jew Lie 035
Let's take a minute to stop thinking about how nuts I am and just admire this child. Isn't he pretty? Yes, yes he is.

4th of Jew Lie 038
Here is Captain America, striking a reassuring pose.

4th of Jew Lie 039
Here he is with Undersecretary America. Don't you just feel safer knowing they're out there, protecting our great nation?

4th of Jew Lie 044
Dance break.

4th of Jew Lie 030
Here's the table before all the food came & ruined my table scape. See that jar with the peaches floating in it? That is white peach sangria in there. White peach sangria tastes like heaven but that shit will Fuck. You. Up. Here's how to make it:

4 bottles white wine
1/2 bottle vodka
1 container concentrated lemonade
1/2 c. sugar
6 peaches, pitted & sliced.

Combine everything, let sit in the fridge overnight, drink slowly and with lots of food. Seriously. Don't leave out the part about the food or they'll have to scrape you off the floor.

4th of Jew Lie 053
Slip 'n Slide!

4th of Jew Lie 058
Children! Eating Otter Pops! On the Deathwish Couch! The Sangria helped me deal!

4th of Jew Lie 079
We ended the night plopped down in the driveway, watching fireworks that were happening somewhere far away but close enough to be exciting for the littles.

4th of Jew Lie 070
It was a beautiful way to spend the 4th of July. Surrounded by old friends and new, kids and grandparents. Burgers and dogs. Counting our blessings until we ran out of fingers & toes.

4th of Jew Lie 074
God Bless America, friends. And you & yours, too.


Made by Mariko said...

How lovely!

Yours truly from Canada.

katie said...

those pins are hilarious!
ps- can you do a giveaway for some otter pops? I can't ever find them in florida and would kill for a pink one.

vincent said...

You are just too much fun!!! You are great!!! :)