Thursday, July 22, 2010

The World According to Dash

Carbonated beverages = spicy

Pins & needles (from when your foot falls asleep) = sparkly

Dash passes you in a bike race = "you wanna piece of THIS?!"

You screw with his head = you're giving him a real mess

His idea of giving you a real mess = telling you that he's not gonna do the exact thing he's planning on doing to you, then asking you to close your eyes (ex: "I'm not gonna put this in your mouth, Mommy. Now, close your eyes & open your mouth.")

The other night Dash called me into his room to tell me he was scared. Apparently he had made a wish on a penny that he would turn into an apple. He decided later that maybe he hadn't thought that one all the way through, and was terrified that he was just moments away from an actual transformation. I told him he was safe because by telling me his wish he had rendered it null and void.

Dash's favorite human is a baby named Mugsy. OK, he's not named Mugsy. But we call him Mugsy. It's his parents' fault that we call him that. But I digress. Every time we tell Dash that he's going to see Mugsy he gets terribly excited and says, "Mama, I can't wait to teach Mugsy how to fight with light sabers."

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