Friday, January 27, 2012


I had grand plans for Dash's 6th birthday. We were going to do a Pirate treasure hunt/mystery party at the house. I ordered the mystery kit, bought half of the supplies and started Pinning my ass off. Then he announced he wanted his party at Master Shin's (his Tae Kwon Do studio). Well.

I'm not (very) ashamed to admit that I was utterly uninspired by the whole thing, so although the party was a blast for the littles, mama mostly sat around twiddling her thumbs. Here's the recap:

Since we opted for the "anti-gravity" package (aka, fling the kids on bungee harnesses) at the studio, we went with an astronaut theme. Here's the image for the invitations.

For the favors I went the way of simple & useful. I ordered these awesome astronaut books (plus some more age-appropriate books for the younger brothers of some of our guests).

Each page gives a few nuggets of great information about space and space travel. Laika!

And, because, really how could I not:
Freeze dried ice cream (better in theory, by the way, but it was fun to see the kids try to wrap their minds around it).


But really the best & most important part was that the kids ran and laughed and jumped and flew and sang and a great time was had by all.

(But if he thinks he's not getting the Pirate Party next year then he's smoking kindergarten crack).

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