Wednesday, January 04, 2012


What's going to happen if Dash ever has to attend a sporting event in the plebe seats?

Ben and Dash don't mix it up with the rabble.

Is there anything classier than someone taking pictures of the fancy door scanner thing that lets us into the suite?

Also, look who figured out the tilt shift on her iPhone! 

(Thanks as always to our beloved Babkes family for letting us ride your fancy coat tails)

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SarahSews said...

I love your fancy shoes for the fancy seats. Couldn't wear sparkle shoes if you are in the plebe seats -- too much beer or nacho spilling to risk that. :)

We took our hockey loving boy to his first game in December and had lower bowl seats and he got to go up to the glass to see his idols before the game. I think he's similarly ruined on bad seats from here on out.