Monday, February 06, 2012

Be His

Ever year I go a little further off the rails for Valentine's Day. This year Dash & I collaborated on three different projects.

First, I sewed up about 10 of this hipster Valentine bear for our youngest Valentines. He's based off of Danny Britos's adorable pattern. I just swapped scrumptious fleece for the felt, made them a bit bigger & left off the ghost turd on top. 

Blue for boys.

Pink for girls. Yeah, I do buy into color-based gender stereotypes. Wanna fight?

Then, Dash drew out this skull design & I carved it into a stamp for him.

We just stamped up some blank postcards I had in my stash & pinned them to the bears with embroidery floss.

For school Valentines, I whipped up some bag toppers from card stock that say "You Rock," stapled them onto treat baggies full of Pop Rocks & BOOM. 

(Get it? Pop Rocks? You Rock? Huh? Huh?)

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