Thursday, February 16, 2012

Little Warriors

Even before I became a mother--even when I was a child--the only thing that scared me about having kids was the idea that they might get sick. You learn to live with the fear, take the leap, pray and hope that your child will be safe and healthy, but you always know that the horror of illness could be lurking around the next corner. So I can't even begin to imagine the pain, the fear, the abject panic the parents of the Littlest Warriors--children fighting cancer--feel.

You may remember that Craft Hope is an organization (well, really one incredible woman, Jade) who has the power to motivate & mobilize scores of people all over the world to create and donate hand-made items to those who are in need. Craft Hope's Project 16 is to provide these brave boys & girls with beanies & totes.

I drew up a primitive serpent & appliqued it onto pirate bandanna fabric. Then I sewed up the world's best & easiest messenger bag pattern from Diary of a Quilter. (Seriously, I was DREADING making the bags & they were the easiest part).

I lined the serpent bag with this vintage Peter Pan fabric that I've been hoarding, after using the bulk of it for Dash's bedroom curtains.

My second bag was appliqued with a Viking head I adapted from an image that Merlilee very generously made available on mer mag.

I only made one girl bag, but I tried to make it as girly as humanly possible. I appliqued this one with a simple polkadotted heart.

Coordinating beanie. Because of course it is.

This one goes with the serpent (I carved the tiger stamp before Christmas & used fabric paint on nubby linen for the appique.)

And this one goes with the Viking. It's made out of Dash's super-soft Van Halen t-shirt and a vintage motorcycle shirt. (All beanies were based on an awesome pattern from I am Momma-Hear Me Roar)

Each bag will contain (along with some  doodle books, markers & assorted loot) a little friend to keep each warrior company and hopefully bring a little comfort. This sweet girl was made from Sew to Speak's adorable pattern.

Her house is an Altoid tin that I decorated with cut paper.

Hey! I wonder who lives here!

Well hello! It's Basil the mouse!

Your nightstand is a spool of thread! Whomever made you sure was nuts!

'Sup, Gnomie?

Gnomie the Homie is a little too girthy to fit into an Altoids tin.

So he's crashing in a matchbox.

OH! Did I mention I got a badge maker? Fuck yeah I did.

I hope they wear them and always remember that they are warriors--brave and strong...

...and the baddest badasses of all.


Shelley said...

You're awesome Liz. You should put those pics on Pinterest.

Mermaid Sweets said...

Amazing, I am doing this project to and linked up to your post.