Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Ho Lordy, I have been sick. I mean sick.The kind of sick that lays you on your ass for three days straight. I am much improved now, but not well enough to compose an actual blog post. So what I have is a barely coherent recap of our weekend. Here:

On Friday night we were invited to our neighbor, the sweet Lucy Verlaque's, 9th birthday party. There was karaoke.

Josh & Dash dueted on "Boom Boom Pow" by the Black Eyed Peas.

Sample lyric: 
I'm on the supersonic boom
Y'all hear the spaceship zoom
When, when I step inside the room
Them girls go ape-shit, uh

Fuck yeah parents of the year.

Then on Saturday it was Saint Patrick's day & we were joined by the Stein-Greenes & Verlaques for some corned beef & cabbage & rainbow cupcakes. Here are some people who were shocked & bewildered by my magical rainbow cupcakes. As they should be:

Also, cute and sleepy children on white couch alert:

And! In conclusion! Did you know that RIGHT NOW is the best time to see the Venus-Jupiter conjunction in the western sky? Well it is. Here's a picture of the sky from our house:
Informative, yes?

Josh has been trying to catch it on the telescope for three days now with no success. I'm saying tonight's the night.

Edited to add on 3/24/12:

There it is!

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