Friday, March 23, 2012

That Mom

I know I've always been a little off the rails with the whole crafty-organic-handmade-is-always-better-mom business, but I felt I had drawn a pretty bright line between fun & crazy. On the wrong side of that line were things like diy deodorant, chicken keeping & homemade playdough.

Last night I made playdough.

And because crazy loves company, I'll tell you how to make it, too (ps: this shit is the bomb--smells yummy, is super soft & squishy & each batch makes enough for two or three containers full).

1 unsweetend Kool-Aid packet, whatever flavor floats your boat (this is mostly about smell & a little about color)
1 cup water
1 cup flour
1/4 cup salt
2 tsp. cream of tartar (easily found in the baking aisle in the supermarket)
1 tbsp. vegetable oil

*Dissolve the Kool-Aid in the water.
*Dump all ingredients into a saucepan & stir to combine.
*Heat gently over medium, stirring constantly. (At this point, make sure you like your color. You can add a bit of food coloring if the Kool-Aid isn't bright enough.)
*Once the mixture comes together (it'll start to clump up & pull away from the sides of the pan), remove from heat.
*Once mixture is cooled enough to touch, dump it onto the counter & knead until it reaches playdough consistency--it'll start out super-sticky, but just keep kneading, it'll smooth out after a few minutes.
*Store finished dough in little plastic containers if you're fancy, or Ziplocs, if you're not. (I'm going to be giving some out in Easter baskets for our little friends, so I think I'll fill some plastic eggs with it.)


jengel said...

It not only smells yummy, it also TASTES yummy! I'll make more before you get home.

Tamar said...

Dude we are considering keeping chickens... good to know I am not alone.

vincent said...

Just made some of the play doh after a late dinner, just for fun! Great! Thank you!