Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Forty One

The Mister turned 41 this weekend, so Dutch & I decided to pay him proper homage by showering him with 41 gifts.

We were on a budget, and Josh can be, um, challenging to shop for, so some of these items were a wee bit more inspired than others, but they were all presented with love and that's really all that matters. Right? Right?

Here's the list, in order:

1. Paper crown, made by me

2. A ribbon badge made by Dash
3. Near-impossible-to-find peanut butter malt balls
4. Bike clip bookmarks
5. A membership to USA Triathlon
6. Ron Swanson paper dolls

7. "Bad Ass" socks
8. A framed portrait of our family by Dash
9. A family crest made by me
Family Symbols: jackalope, running shoe, zombie, Angels logo; Family Motto: "Run, Dummy"

10. Cyber Clean
11.An emergency clown nose (for diffusing tantrums or just improving shitty days)
12. This USB car thingy
13. A "day off" coupon that relieves him from all husbandly & fatherly duties for one 24-hour period
14. A box of Moon Pies
15. A running shirt
16. A shaker of Bacon Salt
17. Becoming an Ironman (oy)
18. An origami box filled with five origami hearts (because 4+1=5), made by me
19. Weird black soap that seemed manly
20. A packet of Oreos limited edition birthday cake flavor cookies
21. Beastie Boys t-shirt
22. A Back to the Future DeLorean Hot Wheels car
23. Super-high SPF Chapstick for when he's training for his races
24. Sunglasses with flexible arms for his triathlons
25. A handmade card from Dash
26. Clif Bar Shot Bloks
27. Bananagrams
28. A flint striker because he's recently become obsessed with survival documentaries & I'm a little worried he might set out into the wild any day now
29. Bacon flavored popcorn
30. An 8-pack of gum because you've never met a man more concerned with fresh breath
31. Soft Chips Ahoy because they're his favorite & I never buy them for him
32. A hand-painted coffee mug by Dash
Why yes, that is a shark swimming in a pool of blood.

"To Dadey, Love Captin" 

33. Hair gum
34. That ESPN book
35. A box of Power Bars
36. A packet of gourmet cashews that Dash mostly ate
37. Running socks
38. A set of badges made by me featuring Josh's heros, Bear Grylls & Yuri Gagarin, plus a bike one 'cause he like bikes
39. Lucha Libre key covers
40. A Johnny Cash t-shirt
41. A book of Lego ideas

Happy birthday, Mr. Engel! The world has been a brighter place these last 41 years because of you.

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