Tuesday, April 10, 2012


So the child woke up a couple of weeks ago & he could read. Just: poof, I can read now. I'm pretty sure that every single person who knows me understands that this is the single greatest development of the last 6 years (OK, maybe his birth was number one. MAYBE).

Anyway, the Easter Bunny got him a chapter book (Captain Underpants--I would have gone with something loftier--say, Count of Monte Cristo, or some such--but who am I to second-guess the Easter Bunny?) & he has been consumed by it. He carries it around with him, reads it whenever he's sitting still (not that often, but hey), and reads a few pages to Josh & me before bed each night.

Yesterday was Dash's first day back to school after Spring break & his teacher asked them all to write about what they did on their vacations. Here's Dash's:

"Over spring breake I got a chaptr book. Also I went to my frends hows."

I only have one question: in the picture, is he reading on the toilet?

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