Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Doings

So, as I mentioned yesterday, we got to celebrate Easter with some of our most beloved friends & family this weekend. Do you have those moments where you stop cleaning & yelling & making lists just long enough to be completely overwhelmed by how truly, truly lucky you are? Me, too.

Dash & one of his besties, Ben, hit up the Central Park egg hunt on Saturday morning. (I have no idea why he chose to wear a Netflix shirt or why we let him.)

He seems to have had some success.

After the hunt, our guests arrived for an evening of ham & chocolate & wine (not together).

Aunty & Tio are a handsome couple.

Beer, ping pong & baby. This is a man who knows how to multitask.

Half naked, eating an Easter bunny. Why the hell not?

Tom & Oliver
Oliver's parents are going to be so mad at me when I steal him away to Mexico & raise him as my own.

Cousin Kyler is tired
Dash's cousin Kyler was so cute we decided not to return him to his parents until the next morning.

Ham #2
Fuck yeah Easter ham! (Courtesy of the lovely and talented Sharon Babkes!)

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jengel said...

Funny, I was thinking the EXACT same thing about the Doyer hat!