Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Father's Day

God damn we're lucky to have this man as husband/father to our motley crew.

I went full "loving hands at home" for Father's Day this year. And my perfect husband was incredibly gracious about all the homemade nonsense.

              This t-shirt was a Liz & Dash collaboration. Dash came up with the phrase, Liz did the inept ironing-on.
Another collabro. Dash illustrated & I laid out these little notepads in Photoshop. I used padding compound to make them into pads. Because I own padding compound.

Dash made Josh an origami shirt. With eleventy hundred buttons, one pencil, one space pen & one regular pen. Also, a little Josh head.

Oh! I bought something! This book is totes adorbs.
Then I went off the rails & tried to make bacon jam. It was honestly kind of a dud, considering the amount of effort that went into it. Not to mention the fact that the house STILL smells like bacon from when I made it two weeks ago. 

(not pictured: The Liz-made jammie shorts, featuring jackalope applique. Because Josh refuses to let me photograph him in his jams. Prude. Also, Legos. because always Legos.)

After prezzies & breakfast, Grandpa arrived and the boys went to Beverly Hills for a car show. I know it was Father's Day, but I feel like I got the greatest gift of all by not having to go with them.

Handsome crew.

They checked out some cars.

And then Dash started mugging.

And mugging.

No idea (but I'm obsessed with the shrunken apple head face he's making).

This arm gesture concerns me.

Back in the day, Mama used to drive a car like this. I think Dash is expressing his concern for the people who had to share the road with me back then.

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