Monday, June 04, 2012

School's (Almost) Out!

I made some "Welcome to Summer" buckets for Dash and his two besties. They'll be presented at the kindergarten "graduation" party we're throwing them next week. Yeah, we're throwing a kindergarten graduation party next week. What's your point?



Contents, clockwise from top left:
Science craft kits
Plastic leis
Smarties candy with "You're Such a Smartie" stickers I made
Marshmallows & mini Hershey bars (in the lunch bags with the "Stay Puffy" toppers
Personalized coozies with strawberry soda
Plain white t-shirts with a set of fabric markers + one glow-in-the-dark fabric marker
Glow in the dark stars
Water gun
Giant (and I mean, like, 3' tall) bendy straws
Neon sunglasses

It's gonna be the best. Summer. ever.

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