Thursday, December 20, 2012


Nothing major to report here today. Just wanted to take note of some small, quiet moments that add up to a lovely season.

Wax lips!
Andre brought Dash some wax lips. Verdict: "Disgusting."

We had some carolers!

Making paper airplanes
Josh & Dash collaborated on some paper airplanes.

Team coloring
And some coloring.

Dash kicked my ass at Tic Tac Toe for the ninety-hundreth time.

Teacher gift card wreath. #iwinpta
I made a gift card wreath for Dash's teacher.

Dash's teacher's gift card wreath
Dash helped.

Here it is all loaded up with her loot. (I like this presentation because she can use it as a Christmas card display once the gift cards are removed).

The annual grandparents' calendar has been delivered.

Grandparent gift, year four.
My favorite page.

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