Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Andre the Elf

We're trying something new this year because obviously I don't have enough shit going on during the holidays. Interwebs, please meet Andre the Elf (we called him Andre so that when he gets lost--as he inevitably will and already has--we can say "What happened to Andre?").

Every morning in December Andre will provide a clue as to what special activity we have planned for Dash that day. Here's his schedule:

12/1-Make a gingerbread house
12/2-Hang stockings
12/3-Make a picture for Aunty
12/4-Watch Polar Express outside
12/5-Go ice skating
12/6-Get the tree
12/7-Watch Grinch
12/8-Pizza night!
12/9-Write a letter to Santa
12/10-Make paper snowflakes & chains
12/11-Make a "Welcome Santa" poster
12/12-Throw a party (this is cheating since this is for us, not Dash, but he can suck it up for one day)
12/13-See Santa
12/14-Watch Rudolph
12/15-Bake cookies
12/16-Spread some cheer (deliver gifts to the neighbors & teachers)
12/17-See the lights
12/18-Make s'mores
12/19-Special time with Aunty (more cheating; we have tickets to the LA Phil this night & Aunty is sitting for us)
12/20-Go to a party
12/21-Make an ornament
12/22-Watch Elf
12/23-Go to the movies
12/24-Open one prezzie


Anonymous said...

You are THE BEST mom! I hope one day Dash realizes that not everyone has a mom that can weave together Christmas and Tim Gunn in such a seamless way. Bravo.

Fave part of that video: Andre, if we continue to fight in front of my coworkers at Red Lobster, we are going to have to break up.

jengel said...

I hate Project Runway with a passion, but I usually can't go more than 2 days without asking, "What happened to Andre?" in my best (or is it worst?) Tim Gunn impression.