Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What We Did on Our Christmas Vacation

Xmas 2009 020
This is about all you need to know about Christmas Eve & Christmas Day (Dear Santa, I'm very sorry, Love Dash)

Oregon 2009
Then! Despite everything! We let him accompany us on our trip to Oregon!

Oregon 2009
How goes your first ever airplane ride, Dash?

Oregon 2009
Oregon is so, so pretty. I'd kill myself if I had to spend an entire winter there.

Oregon 2009
We went to visit my Dad & Stepmom. Dash has only seen them a few times, but the love between them is big and runs deep.

Oregon 2009
Possibly because they let him cheat at checkers.

Oregon 2009
Here's the quilt I made for my Dad for his 70th birthday (which falls on Christmas Eve--2 for 1, yo!). Dash drew some pictures (that one is him in the middle with the kittens on either side)
that I traced onto fabric & then embroidered.

Oregon 2009
Action shot!

Oregon 2009
Dear Toy Designer Who Decided Not to Include an On/Off Switch on the Ceaselessly Whooshing Harry Potter Wand: Fuck you.

Oregon 2009
This is the picture we will include in our "congratulations" ad in Dash's senior yearbook.

Oregon 2009
Hope you had a very Merry Christmas. With love, Us


Anonymous said...

You were in Oregon and we didn't have coffee? Big, huge, crocodile tears! :)

The note to Santa is priceless!

vincent said...

Absolutely, terribly wonderful... Thanks for sharing! We had a great holiday season too and I hear/feel a lot of folks saying that they feel like this is their year! Power to the people! Let us do it!

Susannah @ Art Nest said...

I'm loving the quilt you made - and the cutie bootie shot made me smile~
Thanks for the encouragment and for being a reader of Art Nest!