Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dear Santa

Dash wrote his first letter to Santa (well, he wrote "Dear Santa" & "Love, Dash" & dictated the rest). He asked for a monster truck & a "guy." I have no idea what a "guy" is in this context, but I'm pretty sure Santa has approved the monster truck.

santa letter copy

12 08 09_0065

12 08 09_0066

12 08 09_0068_edited-1


lauren ♥ said...

a "guy"?! hahaha, that is hilarious. he is too cute <3

Anonymous said...

obviously he means Guy.... He misses my husband. That is SO sweet. ;)

glitter + gin said...

How darling!

(ps. Thanks for the link!)

g+g x

jengel said...

I didn't realize I look so tan at night. Or that I have the crazy eyes.