Wednesday, December 23, 2009


After my last post (which is so embarrassing and I want to take it down so bad, but I won't because it's part of our story, too) a beautiful friend reached out to remind me that the very best parenting (and life) philosophy is as follows:

Fuck it. Let's laugh.

And so it is. And so I declare 2010 The Year of Fucking it and Laughing.

I probably won't be back here until after the 25th, so I wish all of you and yours a very Merry Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Don't be embarrassed by the last post, I thought it was beautiful and true, and that is the best kind of writing.

Also: cutest family ever. Dig the picture, dig you guys, and wishing you a very Merry Christmas.



Karin Grow said...

If you think that's embarrassing, look at the post I just did! I may regret it later, but oh well.
Your holiday picture is so sweet. Merry Christmas, Karin