Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas in the Crib

12 08 09_0096
Hello, Pig.

12 08 09_0093
Those buckets were Dash's advent calendar. "Were?" you ask? Yes, we had to put it away because the child complained about seven out of nine gifts. COMPLAINED. About GIFTS. We are doing a bang up job as parents.

12 08 09_0089
I made this with a Styrofoam wreath form and scraps left over from the quilt I made my mom for Christmas (shh).

12 08 09_0085
Yeah, Santa. I want a pair of Frye boots and a cashmere sweater. Not looking good for this year.

12 08 09_0081
Crazy lady Christmas Village FTW!

12 08 09_0079
When Josh & I first started dating, he invited me to a "bring an ornament" Christmas party. I brought Kandy Kane. She is ultra-classy. Also, Dash is obsessed with her.

12 08 09_0077
I made this from a slice off the bottom of last year's tree. My ornament-making has gone from PG-13 to ABC Family.

12 08 09_0076
How many times have we found a kitten nesting in the branches? More than once.

12 08 09_0075
How awesome is this idea from here? Dump some glittery Epsom salt in a mason jar, plop in a candle and all of a sudden you're a decorator or something.

OK, that's how we're rolling so far. We have a big birthday party coming up tomorrow night, so I'll report back on that hoopla soon.


Sopi said...

really innovative, love it!! visit my blog too!!

Shannon said...

Why do I not remember you being this crafty when we met, oh, so long ago? You really ARE nuts! Loving it!!!