Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Annual Xmas Tour

Xmas 09 022

I was going to say that we took our annual walk to check out the neighborhood crazies. But then I remembered what my own damn house looks like, so I will revise. We took our annual walk to check out the neighborhood festivity. Because it's festive. Not crazy in the least.

Except maybe this. This is pretty fucking crazy:
Xmas 09 020
My favorite part of the evening was trying to explain that particular piece of nuts to Dash.

Xmas 09 014

Xmas 09 012
That tree is just sitting right in the middle of the cul-de-sac! That is a serious commitment to Christmas.

Xmas 09 008
North Pole, here we come. Santa, hide the Legos.

Xmas 09 007
I dunno, I'm not buying it. If the Smurfs are Jewish how come they don't have any doctors or lawyers?

Xmas 09 018
Every year Josh & I marvel that no one has burned this dude's house down yet. He is the only one on the entire street of crazy (yeah, I said it. it's crazy crazy crazy) who doesn't hang a single light. You almost have to admire his backbone. Except you just know he's the neighborhood asshole.


Anonymous said...

funny stuff... I think part of Jenukkah should be walking around the neighborhood...I need to see this in person. The Smurfs are killing me.

eLiZaBeTh said...

Seriously, you are so funny. I laugh every time I read your of my recent favorites is "Shit I Made" You make my day as I sit at my daily desk job. You're awesome.