Monday, December 01, 2014

Saying Thanks

We made our second annual pilgrimage to our local fire station to thank the firefighters for all they do to keep our community safe (and maybe sneak in a small lesson about gratitude for the smalls).

Except the boys completely ditched our entire cookie-baking and card-making effort (as Samantha was giddy to point out to the firemen). So while the girls got to lick the spoons and taste the cookies before we packed them up, the boys got dick. Ungrateful little turds (I say it with love).

Here's Lucy's lovely card.

And the front of Samantha's.

And this is one of my top ten things that has ever happened ("p.s. Dash and Will and Ben did not help make the cookies.")

Then we delivered the still-warm cookies and the stood there batting our eyelashes until the lovely firemen gave us a tour of the firehouse.


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