Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Solstice Invitations

I've been escalating my Solstice invitation game each year. If things continue the way they're going, I'm going to have to hire a skywriter soon.
I made these guys out of wooden balls (heads), clothespins (bodies) and doll stands (feet). They all have pipe cleaner arms, and I hand-painted their hair, faces and striped tights. 
I made their clothes templates out of card stock, then just assembly-lined the felt pieces. Everything is attached by hot glue and although I burned off all of my fingerprints, I think the little pom pom buttons were worth my small sacrifice.
Each elf is clutching a snowball in one hand and a tiny, cork-stoppered bottle in the other.
In each bottle is an itty little scroll...
...tied up with striped string.
I included a small magnifying glass with each elf, to help the kids read the tiny print on the scroll.

I made up the poem. It's not that great, but it gets the point across.


Here's the text:
The days have grown short
And the nights have grown long
But that won't stop us from singing a song
For we know that Solstice will soon be here
And, soon after, the Sun will appear
So please celebrate with us
We'll feast and we'll toast
We'll share this day with those we love the most!

Yay! Solstice!

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