Wednesday, January 21, 2015


It has just dawned on me that I never managed to post any pictures from our Christmas and New Year celebrations. So, timely or not, here they come. Because I am nothing if not a completist.

Josh & Tio's festive sweater game is on point.


Mailing his letter to Santa (Which, what? We had the Santa talk! I think he must have blocked it out or something?)

Despite much, much evidence to the contrary, we are Jews!

xmas dinner
Our beloved Verlaques invited us over for the traditional Jewish Christmas Eve dinner--Chinese food!

Cookies for Santa...

And oats for the reindeer. (Again, what?)

Christmas morning brought with it an embarrassing number of gifts.

I sewed him a baseball field pillow. (Josh had to literally sketch it out for me and tell me what color each component should be). (Despite the fact that every baseball season since he was 4 years old I have spent 3 hours a week staring at a baseball field).


They both love The Sandlot and are constantly quoting it to each other, so when I saw these shirts I had to get them each one. I haven't gotten them to wear them at the same time yet, but hope springs eternal.

I got the warmest, fuzziest slippers known to man.


We had Christmas dinner at our beloved Babkes and it all culminated in a naked dance party. Like it do. I can't tell if Josh is horrified or merely perplexed here.

A couple of days after Christmas I took Dash and his boy Cade ice skating. Cade wasn't very sure on his feet in the beginning, so Dash held his hand until he got more comfortable. I died immediately  after I took this picture.

On New Years Eve we invited our Babki over for lentil soup and some low-key merrymaking. Dash and Ben are a couple of weirdos. It's good that they found each other.

At the strike of midnight (well, East Coast midnight), the kids ran outside and shot off confetti poppers. Today is January 21 and we're still finding bits of glitter in and around the house.

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