Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I've been giving Dash non-liquid food since we got the thumbs up from his pediatrician at 6 months. I buy organic fruits & veggies, steam 'em up, run them through the blender & freeze into adorable heart shapes. I don't offer anything even a minute before Super Baby Foods says I can.

He LOVES avocado and butternut squash and bananas with cereal and he's thinking about his feelings for peaches and green beans and goat's milk yogurt. He loves them but he's not in love with them. He'll open wide for just about anything except sweet potatoes. The kid eats like he was born to do it.

But here's the catch: I was supposed to start him on finger foods more than a month ago and I hit a wall. I am just too scared. Every time I put a little bit of something in his mouth I watch him and freak out until he swallows it, and then I have to rest and recover for a week. My heart can't take it.

So, what's the solution? Will I be blending him up some steak and potatoes when he's 17?

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