Monday, September 10, 2007

25 Days, 11

It's taken nineteen months, but Josh and I are finally finding our sea legs with this whole baby-outside-of-the-house thing.

As soon as Dash arrived we went into hibernation, nearly never venturing out of the house except to run to the grocery store or for a short stroll around the neighborhood. I don't know what we were so scared of. That the baby would get cranky? That we'd screw up his nap schedule? Maybe we weren't afraid of anything. Maybe we just forgot that kids are inherently portable and that sippy cups can be pre-filled and packed into coolers.

But I think we've snapped out of it. Or are snapping. This weekend was another adventure and we all three (I can speak for Dash because I have a scar where they cut him out of my body) feel more like humans and less like bears. It's pretty astonishing what a meander around a beautiful garden can do for one's soul. Mine is both more full and lighter than ever.

Look what we found, not too far from home, and just the perfect size for a smaller-than-full-grown person:

Japanese Pagoda

Spanish Mission
bottom left, pointing to "Please keep off grass" sign;
bottom right, running to gather more pebbles to throw in fountain

French, English & Italian Gardens


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