Friday, September 28, 2007

25 Days, 17

Is it too soon to start with the Halloween stuff? Yes? Then I won't mention the Christmas stuff I'm almost halfway through already. Anyway, lookit what Mama made last night:

I started with a pack of doll pins I picked up at the craft store (20 for $2.99; nice).

Add a little paint and a little wine and we have this:

The ghost's "shroud" is made out of a used Mrs. Meyers dryer sheet (Josh was folding laundry while I was doing this). The witch's hat is just some black paper rolled into a cone and secured with double-sided tape, then glued onto another piece of black paper cut into a circle. Eventually she'll have a cape. When we're ready to display them, they'll be wired to hang from branches I'll steal from the back yard and stick in a bucket.

I made two of each, but Dash took possession of a couple this morning so we'll see how many are left when it's time to hang them.

I love this project so much I can't tell you. I have big plans for all sorts of Christmas ornaments (unbreakable is the way we're going this year) and farm animals for Dash and--oooohhhh, I just thought of this--I could do one of each of us! And the cats! The Engel Family Doll Pin Puppet Players. We could make a puppet theater out of a shoe box and I could sew mini curtains.

OK, I need to go lie down. The possibilities are overwhelming me.

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